In the past months we have seen de appearance of Kinect  camera. This device  is a camera that give us information of the depth of a pixel in addition to the color information of the standard cameras.

Also we have new micro-contoler devices that let us control motors very easy and communicate with computer.

All this new low cost technologies let us to think in new devices  that can be developed at lower cost than before.

The idea of this project is to develop a robot that can move around a flat floor using motorized wheels, and by analyzing the image that provides him a Kinect camera, can recognize the 3D environment around.

This robot will be provided with a mechanic arm that will let him to connect himself to power supplies in the wall.To do that it will need to analyze the image from ten camera, and recognize these power connectors in the space. 

In order to make all the calculations necessaries for the image processing, and to store the power to keep it alive, it will carry a laptop computer.

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